title atlantic history guestbook

Andy Storms (United States of America)
I grew up in Wildwood NJ and it is nice to see such a great vessel sailing again. It is also nice to see some names from my past in the guestbook! I do remember the seals in the Atlantic and the gift shop. It was a shame she sat for years underwater in the yatch basin..

Clarisa Cerro (United States of America)
Hi! I just spent a week on board of the Atlantic. It was a fantastic adventure, one in a lifetime. She is really beautiful, and the crew is amazing!!!

Pedro Gouveia e Melo (Portugal)
Saw Atlantic moored at Cascais Marina this weekend. An impressive sight, one of the most beautiful and elegant yacths I have ever seen. Congratulations! I am looking forward to seeing pictures of her underway. Godspeed and enjoy the Med!

Afonso Indias Zagalo (Portugal)
Impressive vision on our Marina ( Cascais ). One of the most beautifull ships that visited us, would be an honour to work on her

Paul-Lauritz Amundsen (Portugal)
Thank you very much for allowing me to visit and experience this amazing schooner,which is wonderfully decorating Cascais Bay at the moment, congratulations and godspeed.

Pablo de la Cruz (Spain)
As I write this message, the full moon allows me to see your awesome ship's silhouette just a couple hundred yards away from my window at Muros, La Coruña, Spain. Thanks for providing an unexpected highlight for my holiday and Godspeed!

bransom bean (Isle of Man)

Chimista (Spain)
¿Was this the amazing three-mast schooner that was the past July 16th (2010) at Santander, Spain under British flag? I couldn't read her name, and I'd like to know it.

La Dame de Nage (Breizh)
Je viens de la voir La Rochelle ! Quelle beaut ! Dommage qu'il soit difficile de l'approcher pour la photographier.

Jackie (France)
I live to LA ROCHELLE and I see Atlantic schooner all day , I like, it is very beautiful when is it possible to see your boat sailing?

Joep van Gent (Italy)
50 more days and me and my family, together with Ruud, John and their families will be boarding Atlantic for a weeks trip. One week sailing on such a marvellous ship looks still unbelievable to me. We wish it good winds.

Kenneth M Schuster (United States of America)
In the 50's the atlantic was in wildwood yacht basin i was around 10 yrs old i guess spent alot of days playing on her my uncles worked at the boat yard ward bright the owner had rented out space to a gift shop and a tank of about 5 seals as an atraction when the were moving her out the keel was in the mud and she was on her side for awhile as they freed her from where she was for a few years great memorey's of a great ship

Fadime Ozdemir (Italy)
Dear Captain
Very nice Schooner very less time you see sailing yacht like this. My father in Turkey make also wood Guletts
Gratulation, take care
Fadime Ozdemir
Chief Stewardess

Fred Harvey (Thailand)
Great ship, great history.

Oliver Sheridan (United States of America)
Such a magnificent schooner! Hope to see her sailing soon!

Brian Byrnes (Ireland)
She looks magnificent, hope to do an Oil Painting of her under full rig someday.

C R Bryant (United States of America)
Exciting! I am looking forward to painting her. Any chance you will attend the Westward Cup? Hope to see you in Cowes.

Bob Finn (United States of America)
I am a sailor from Oswego, New York, USA, birthplace of William Gardner. I have been following the project but have not seen any news in months. Is the boat sailing. Will it ever make it to the USA?

Carlos F. von Habsburg Lothringen (Mexico)
A good friend invited my wife and I on a sailing trip on the Schooner Atlantic for the summer 2010. We will sail from northern France to Avila Spain, we have been browsing through the whole web site and already dreaming on the forthcoming journey. We are sure that it will be really something.

Kathleen M. Bentz (United States of America)
I remember the Atlantic as a gift shop in the Wildwood yacht club. It was moored next to Urie's Fish Fry. They had a seal that was part of the promotion and got away one day in the bay. That did make this child happy. Our boat was next to the great sailing vessel many years and we did swim within her hull. So glad she is back again. She will always have a part of my heart.

Patty Urie O'Donnell (United States of America)
I remember the Atlantic as a child. My parents had a house boat that was docked right next to the boat. As children my brothers and sisters and I would row and swim around the boat. The Atlantic sunk one year and our adventures in the summers would include swimming in the sunken Atlantic. This was scary and exciting. Those were the good old days living at the shore.

Gordon Ingram (Canada)
I am very keen on viewing the ship to see how how far construction is advanced, I have recently built a model of the schooner, on a scale of 60 to 1 fully rigged and painted in the original colours, the only thing that may not be exact is the deck layout, but is close I believe.

Carlo (United States of America)
Wow, what a fantastic project. Glad you are on the web so we can share. When will she be sailing? Fair Winds!

Mungo Watson (Scotland)
Hello from the Schooner Adix..
Well she's looking good, we are very much looking forward to sailing the two boats together sometime soon hopefully. keep up the good work. See you on the water.

Ralph Arnesen (Wales)
I have a few photos that I got from my godmother, Sarah Pedersen, her husband was captain on the Atlantic during the 1930s. He worked for Lambeth and he was a friend of my father from Arendal, Norway. How could I send them to you?

Charles Han**** (United States of America)
I just discovered this recreation of my favorite sailing vessel. At the end of her life, I got to know the original in Wildwood, New Jersey during an attempt to save her that ultimately enabled her to be towed to Newport News.

Miguel S Escobedo (Mexico)
Dear Ed,
I might be mistaken but I think the original Schooner Atlantic was built for and by one of my wife´s ancestors, Robert Stevens, who also founded the Americas Cup.

Miguel S. Escobedo (Mexico)
When can we sail with you?

Capt. Willy Hampton (United States of America)
I went aboard the shell of ATLANTIC while she was in her mud berth at Norfolk in 1972. There was no interior at all, just the steering gear. The house was still on deck. My bosses father, Charles F Adams was the skipper on the 1928 Spain race and CFA jr was aboard too. He told me that from the time the helm was put over untill the last line was coiled during a tack was 40 minutes. He also said they were ahead of the record run and ahead of ELENA on a broad reach with the ballon jib up in strong wind and the steering gear wouldn't keep up with boats tracking, I seem to recall CFA saying the steering was 40 turns lock to lock. The ballon jib came out of the tapes and ATLANTIC ran over the sail and it took two days to clear. I hope to see her in Newport, RI
I'll check to see if there are still photos. He had a bunch.
Willy Hampton

John V Watson Jr
My great grandfather was John Watson. I beleive he was the superintendent of the Townsend & Downey works on shooter's island and oversaw the construction of Atlantic, Meteor III, Shenandoah and Roberts Todds Thistle. Thanks for your wonderful website on Atlantic. We still have the gold watch and chain presented to him in January 1905 by his friends on his 50th birthday anniversary, 5 months before the Kaiser's cup in 1905.